I Aspire to Create a Masterpiece


Cody Frederick aka @art_by_cody attended Kendall College of Art and Design with a major in Art Education and a focus in illustration. He is from Grand Rapids, Michigan, and moved to Chicago in 2014. His freelance artwork is mainly digital but prides himself on his traditional abilities. Cody has his own t-shirt brand called "Stay Sassy" that gives part of its profits to charity.

Cody moved to Chicago to follow a dream. His artwork is the dream, but in a cooler jumbled up design. They symbolize Chicago's strength, musical background, and he also incorporates his Irish heritage into his work.

“I have realistic goals to sustain my art career and then I have dreamlike hopes. I want to win more contests. I also aspire to create a masterpiece. I know that my time alive will give me many masterpieces but that's my scale and my future will be much more black and white. I hope to have one artwork that lives longer than I do.”

His artwork, "The Shocker", can be seen at the downtown Burger King across from the YMCA. For more information on "The Shocker" his website, codyfrederickart.com.

Catch Cody at ArtPrize10 in Grand Rapids, Michigan between September 19th - October 7th.

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