Connect With the World and Mix It Up


@Dunehaggar is a creative native of Western Australia. He has many years of experience working as a freelance artist. Dune has a love of many styles and mediums. His graphic design half loves order and symmetry, while his illustrative half loves chaos. After a hard day working in a field where you analyze and rationalize every element you create, he loves to sit back and let his subconscious take over.

Some of his styles are dredged up from his younger days, while others are formed from the unconscious and are inspired by the meditative “happy place”. His style also includes an old Greek technique for remembering things called “Loci” or “memory palace”. This allows the individual to invent a place or location with rooms to visualize the objects, words, and/or lessons they want to remember. In the end, creating a complex imagined place to store these memories.


He loves working in many mediums from digital, animation, skateboards, beer cans, papers, plywood, guitar, computer cases, computer peripherals, and up cycled wood. He has worked with agencies, breweries, festivals, computer brands and even an E-Sports team. Always interested in any collaborations, commissions, beers, chats over coffee and the world not exploding. Dune was forced to write in third person against his will, which he hates. Hit him up for any cool collaborations your in your weird little head.

Something that Dune hopes to achieve is connection. To connect with the world and mix it up with other industries and people.

“A.I. is about to come for our shitty jobs and the only thing we have over them at present is being a bit mad and creativity. Plus, we are about to have a lot of spare time.”

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