A Stalwart and Revered Figure ...

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A stalwart and revered figure in the Chicago music & creative scene, Pugs Atomz is a trailblazer who laid the groundwork for many artists in the area today.

From Tv host to radio host he has pushed his agenda, Chicago music must be played and promoted. Atomz has released numerous albums, compilations and mixtapes with key independent labels and blogs and recently released a new vinyl single "Sweat" with Dinked Records. His first big clothing design break was in 2007 with Afro Wear & American needle working on their branded fitted caps and specialty lines. Pugs popularity pushed his name allowing him to tour the world with DJ Vadim and their band The Electric, resulting in Atomz moving to London for 3 years. Currently, Pugs is living back in Chicago now enjoying his time as the Creative Director of Iridium Clothing Company and designing select menswear pieces for the brand. He is also gearing up for the release of his new album "Highly Irregular" with Producer/ Engineer Mulatto Patriot.

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