Meet the Artists


Brandon Perl

A painter, sculptor, and teacher based out of Chicago, Illinois. He received his B.S. from Illinois State University in Glass Blowing and went on to pursue a Master Degree in Art Education from DePaul University. Brandon’s work predominantly falls in the two-dimensional media of painting and drawing. He focuses on rhythmic linework, layering, and color to create compositions that are inspired by his love for music, entertainment, and life experiences. Brandon would describe his work and style as “visual jazz”.


Delisha McKinney

A painter that resides on the west side of Chicago who aspires to write and illustrate, children's literature. Her paintings express her passion to create imagery based on her concerns for child abuse, neglect, and isolation. By using this platform she plans to enhance and stimulate conversations and find solutions to these topics. Delishas pieces' speaks on the "accident" perspective of gun ownership and violence. The idea of unsecured guns in the home that cause harm. She feel that in those situations, even the gun is innocent and it's the responsibility of the owner to take the time to educate children that guns aren't toys.


Sara Coronado

Became interested in art in high school through her Art Appreciation class. 30 years later, she still has an insatiable passion for it. Urban art is a favorite of hers but continues to find inspiration in all forms of art (i.e. music, dance, photography, painting, and poetry.) Music has always been an important aspect Sara's life. There was always music in her house, whether it was being played on her parent's all in one vintage music console which played vinyl, 8-track tape and AM/FM radio) or a boom box. Now, it is what takes her back to a simpler place in time.



N. Darko is an emerging artist based out of the southside of Chicago. His artist style can be described as abstract and urban alternative. N. Darko recreates everyday Chicago life through an abstract scope using unique techniques and mixed media on not so ordinary canvas. "The depression and struggle that comes with an artist trying to maintain individuality in a world geared towards conformity is my biggest inspiration, I feel its my responsibility to produce art that makes people feel a way that brings a connection to us all." -N. Darko



"My ‘evil’ pastries, or my babies as I call them, stem from my love for pastries. I have a bad sweet tooth. There’s something about donuts that is attractive – the pink frosting is a perfect pink and the sprinkles make it so beautiful. My monsters are usually disguised in bright costumes."-Elloo , Threadless


Pugs Atomz

Pugs Atomz, is a internationally known rapper, Radio Host, designer, and painter who was born in Pittsburgh, PA but raised in Chicago’s Englewood neighborhood. He has released numerous albums, and his music and art has been featured in movies, sports, and video games. Currently he is Creative Director of the fashion forward Iridium Clothing Co.