Who We Are


Every Single Story

The ONLi Packs founder, Jordan "DXTR Spits" Holmes, is a musician, entrepreneur, and materials science engineer. In 2014 Holmes relocated to Chicago and soon was embedded in the local arts/music scene.

As a performing artist in Chicago, Holmes began to develop a passion for storytelling of all forms. He became inspired to find a way to incorporate the many stories that he had been exposed to with hopes to build bridges within the community. After some trial and error, a few too many all-nighters, and some brainstorming, ONLi Packs was born.


Why the logo?

The periodic table logo of ONLi Packs was inspired by our belief in the value of creativity. Our founder, being an engineer, believes that creativity in the arts and sciences are complementary.

ONLi Packs aspires to use a portion of sales revenue to facilitate conversations/programming that bridges gaps between the arts and sciences


Why the name ONLi?

O - Operational and ready for the on the go dream chaser

N - Narratives are told about the artists through their print and expression

L - Love of community and connecting people with wearable art

I - Inspiration is key for artists to keep creating. The bag is meant to be a beacon of inspiration for the owner