2019 Submissions Have Closed

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The Process

  1. Submit your design

  2. The community votes on their favorite design(s)

  3. The ONLi Team interviews each submission artist

  4. A panel of artists and ONLi Team members deliberate on public opinion (voting results), design, and the artist personal story

  5. Top 2-3 Winner(s) are selected!

Winners Compensation

  1. $150 upfront cash prize

  2. Quarterly percentage per bag sales for the life of the product line

  3. An ONLi Pack of your own

  4. Professional photo-shoot, media exposure, etc.

  5. Access to all ONLi sponsored / partnered events

The Rules

  1. You can only upload one submission

  2. Must be 18 yrs or older

  3. Must be an US resident

Submission Theme

ONLi Packs are meant to be a beacon and inspiration for the communities we serve. This year we wanted to provide an opportunity for artists to create toward meaningful themes.

Note, the themes are optional. Your work will still be equally considered.


  1. Your Story Through Your Art

  2. Restoring Our Community

  3. What The World Needs Is....

Key Submission Notes

  1. Artists can submit graphic design images or high quality photos/scans of their original painted or drawn work (NO PHOTOGRAPHY ACCEPTED). In other words, you don't have to be a digital artist to submit but must clearly capture your painted or drawn work.

  2. Vectorized images preferred

  3. Artists DO NOT have to create new pieces. PREVIOUS WORKS ACCEPTED. We know that your time and work is valuable, so if you can't create something new, send us something you have already done.

  4. The ONLi Packs team will focus on fitting your art to the bags. No need to create specifically to the bag design. We have staff dedicated to this and have production considerations. We ask that you please trust our eye to bring it all together!

  5. FYI - Bag Dimensions :42 x 33 x 14.5 cm

Submission Example

Example A: From N. Darko (And Find His Work HERE)

2017 submission of photographed/scanned painting (Digital prints also accepted)

2017 submission of photographed/scanned painting (Digital prints also accepted)

We fit the designs to our bags

We fit the designs to our bags


Thank you for your submissions!